An intelligent vision-based system is enough to guarantee the same safety as a farmer can.

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Q: Who is behind it?

A: Agriscapes-dataset.com was created by P. Buckel as a part of his phd.

Q: What is the objective of this website?

A: In the field of agricultural engineering, there are only a few freely available data sets.
Therefore, we would like to give other researchers the opportunity to conduct further research on this topic area and to develop further approaches.

Q: Can the data be used free of charge for commercial purposes?

A: No, the data may only be used for research purposes and must be properly cited.
If you are interested in a commercial use, please contact us.

Q: Will more datasets follow?

A: Yes, this site will be expanded over the next few years into a suite of datasets with various uses.

Q: We would like to work with you. Who do we need to contact?

A: We are always looking for collaborations. Please contact the initiator P. Buckel.